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April 21, 2023

For a number of years, restoring the soil of Shadow R Ranch to its natural health has been one of many passions for owner Refel Rushing. The rolling 260 acres is now producing abundant nutrient-rich hay, well supporting a herd of happy cattle. In addition to the peaceful fields, the ranch boasts beautiful native hardwoods; a small grove of peach, pear, and plum trees; azure ponds; and Chambers Creek tributaries lined with millenia-old white rock.

As Rushing surveyed his hard work and soaked up all this beauty, listening to the hanging chimes and croaking lime-green frogs, it seemed too wonderful not to share. A musician and poet, he first thought of building a serene spot for hosting poetry slams. But the idea grew and grew, finally taking shape as Hera’s Haven wedding and event venue.

The venue is located on the back part of the ranch, near an off-the-grid cabin and lodge. This particular area was a piece of high ground surrounded by native grasses and beautiful springtime wildflowers. Before the construction of the cabin and lodge and subsequently the venue sites, this area seldom had human traffic. It mostly was home to many species of animals and birds looking for overnight lodging, a place to rest, or continued passage while traversing the trails left by the many animal travelers of the past.

Rushing was inspired to write the following piece, with a desire to express his hopes for the land and to share his dream with all those who visit Hera’s Haven:

From its humble beginnings as a piece of idle dirt with only a past. It definitely has been transformed into a living, breathing thing of beauty with a future, a soul, and a heart.

Its purpose is to serve as the stage for the great union and the story of the ring–the miracle circle that binds two in foreverness, witnessed by others, and recorded
in the book of promises one to another.

Where prayers are spoken, memories are born and not forgotten easily. Where family and friends join together in communion to bless and shower with heartfelt wishes
of happiness reaching the heavens.

A place where those in attendance witness the transformation that was once two and is now one. All beginning at the place that was an idle piece of dirt touched by God‘s hand
to become a sacred and special place of dedication and commitment.

Hera’s Haven, the start of the journey of love that has only new beginnings and no end.

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